Frequently Asked Questions

ALT codes are ranging from 0 to 255. Also, there are a few more Three-digit codes ranging from 0128 to 0255 that represent the OEM(original equipment manufacturer) codes. You can find all codes here:

Follow the instructions below to type the ALT symbol on a keyboard.

  1. Firstly, make sure the NumLock is switched on.
  2. Now press and hold the ALT key from keyboard.
  3. Then use the numeric pad and type the ALT code value(1 to 255).
  4. Lastly, release the ALT key. As a result, the special character or symbol will be printed on your screen.

Yes, it's working on Windows operating system. But the majority of codes are found on the internet resources. So, users can directly use it from there.

Yes, you can download or print the list from here: Printable ALT Codes

When you try ALT-255, it prints blank space or an invisible character symbol.

Yes, it works on Windows 10. If you are unable to print it then there is some internal issue. So, you should check whether your NumLock is enabled or not. If it's not then allow it.